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Cooperative Horsemanship


Horse Support, LLC


Please call Bob Ciri, a Certified John and Josh Lyons Trainer,

at 301-928-2828 or email Bob at

Cooperative Horsemanship™ is what I call my program of teaching the rider or handler how to communicate with his/her horse to achieve his/her goals.  I use gentle natural horsemanship methods to train horses, and I design each training program to specifically fit each horse’s personality and physical ability.  I believe in teaching my students how to implement all training methods so that they may be empowered by participating in their horses’ training, and by doing so improve their communication and strengthen their bonds with their horses.

I work with students of all levels, from brand new horse owners to experienced riders who want their horses to excel in the show ring.  Some examples of what I can help you with are: starting young horses; resolving behavioral problems; trailer loading; preparing horses and riders for safe and confident trail riding; English and Western riding lessons; fundamentals of Classical Dressage; working with nervous riders or those who have lost their confidence due to a traumatic event; training blind horses; and improvement of any horse’s overall athletic performance through a program of Dynamic Stretching and Targeted Exercises.  My Dynamic Stretching is particularly beneficial for horses with chronic stiffness or pain and those recovering from injury or Lyme’s disease.

Please check out the following pages for more detailed information about my philosophy and me.

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